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Have you ever wondered why we rely on harmful chemicals and artificial ingredients to maintain our family's health? Beekeeper's Naturals has. After years of battling on-and-off tonsillitis, their founder Carly Stein finally found relief in an ingredient called propolis: a combination of tree and plant resin created by bees to protect the hive.

At Beekeeper's Naturals, they’re on a mission to transform how people stay well. They’ve created products with clean, effective ingredients, like propolis, royal jelly, and pollen straight from the hive. The products are designed to support a healthy immune system and boost your energy so you feel great. Beekeeper's Naturals merge modern science with natural medicine to prove that clean medicine can actually work.

They work exclusively with sustainable small-scale apiaries, partner with leading bee research institutions, and third-party test all of our products to prioritize pesticide-free hive health above all else. Their mission is to raise awareness and create a better environment for our world’s most important pollinators—the bees.

Visit www.beekeepersnaturals.ca for more information and order online using your promo code to receive your discount.

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