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Bespoke Butchers

Bespoke Butchers

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>Receive 10% off poultry, sausages and ground beef from Bespoke Butchers.

*Discount applies to the purchase of poultry, sausage and ground beef only. Please note that the St. Lawrence Market location offers sausages only. 

At Bespoke Craft Foods, they stand up for the whole hog, the entire chicken, the complete cow and the full lamb. They believe in working directly with local farmers who raise animals using the best methods of animal husbandry that, above all, prioritize animal welfare while maintaining long-term sustainability of the land.

This principle allows them to pay a fair price to knowledgeable farmers who are practicing a 'beyond organic' way of farming; and in turn, deliver fair prices to our community while providing full transparency and peace of mind to our customers about the provenance of their food.

Visit for more information and show your card in-store to receive your discount. 

Map Directions
QUEEN EAST - 1378 Queen St East, Toronto     416-778-7555
THE ANNEX - 215 Madison Avenue, Toronto     416-926-8888
QUEEN WEST - 1164 Queen Street West, Toronto     416-535-9525
ST. LAWRENCE MARKET (SAUSAGES ONLY) - 95 Front Street East, Toronto     416-363-7712