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Lindsay Taylor is a lover of all things food, nutrition, and pregnancy. After a decade working in health research, she is strapping on the dive goggles to wade through all of the conflicting health messages directed at new and expectant moms to get to the evidence-based, easy, and realistic ways to have a healthy, nourished family. With a Master’s in Health, Lindsay is trying to master raising two daughters to be brave and to pick themselves up when they get knocked down by life, or by the two large dogs that insist on living in their house. Try not to be jealous that the first beach vacation her 2.5 year old and 7-month old went on turned out to be a week in Northwest Territories in March. Follow along on twitter: @tayasani

The Easiest Way to Get Kids to Eat Veggies Involves Dirt

The Easiest Way to Get Kids to Eat Veggies Involves Dirt

Last night at dinner my almost-3-year-old ignored the rice, chicken and mango on her plate. But guess what? She ate all of her vegetables. This is a total about-face for the girl who would not eat a single vegetable that wasn’t hidden in a pineapple-filled smoothie. This change has been happening slowly over the past year, and the major turning point was planting a few veggies in our backyard last summer.

I know, I know, planting your own veggies sounds like a lot of work, but I promise you it’s not.

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