Healthy & Time Saving Meals

Healthy & Time Saving Meals

Let me set the scene. You've just arrived home after a long day of work, and your kids have had an equally long day at daycare. Everyone is tired and hungry, but what do you serve for dinner? 

Or perhaps you've been at home all day with your kids. It's nearing the end of the day when everyone is at the end of their rope, and you can't even begin to think about dinner ideas with crazy kids under foot. 

Either of these situations ends up with you staring at the pantry and fridge, desperate for ideas. You want something easy, and healthy, and you don't want to have to think about it. Is that really too much to ask? 

Not for Fresh City FarmsImagine how differently those 2 stories would end if you came home to a box of fresh, local, organic produce compete with recipes to make healthy, tasty meals. You can see it already, can't you? Heaven. 

I have been a part of a “Live it Plan” with my Holistic Nutritionist, Maggie Chilton for the past 4 weeks. I am nearing the end and it’s been life changing! I have learned about better eating habits and foods to eat to reduce inflammation as I am working with her to help my digestion and balance out my hormones. So when I had the opportunity to try out Fresh City Farms, I jumped at the opportunity. I knew it would fit perfectly with the lifestyle changes I was trying to make, and help is always so welcome. 

I received some great items to help me out, because - let's be honest -  I never make this kind of food for myself at home. Learning about whole foods and how to incorporate a more plant-based diet with the variety of food that is offered from Fresh City Farms is amazing. In my order I received smoothies, salads in a jar and 3 recipes to make with 2 portions each.

As you can see in the first pic, I had all the ingredients for this delicious, easy to prep Pesto Basil Spaghetti with roasted tomato and arugula. It was all done in about 30 minutes and tasted delicious. I also got Pickeral with Strawberry Salsa and a lovely recipe for Moussaka. Instead of regular creamy, buttery bechamel which is what I usually use when making Moussaka, this called for greek yoghurt, egg and parmesan. It was a light and fresh change!

For those lazy mornings when you don't feel like cooking, or when you try and squeeze in a workout into  an already busy morning, I loved the smoothies and salads in a jar. It was really convenient and we are so lucky to have companies like Fresh City Farms that offers us fresh, healthy, organic food. It has helped me to stay on track. 

I love that Fresh City has collaborated with Women’s Brain Health Initiative where half a dozen of Toronto’s top culinary experts are creating delicious, brain-healthy recipes. Costs of meals from Fresh City Farms varies and you can order your groceries from them too. I encourage you to visit FreshCity Farms {here} so you can see the variety of items available and if you want to take the step to better health and eating habits, I hope my post has inspired you. Eating clean just makes you feel better!

Check out Fresh City Farm's listing at http://healthymomstoronto.com/fresh-city to find out how you can receive 50% off* your first order with Fresh City (*Up to a maximum coupon value of $60) with your Healthy Moms Toronto Discount Card.

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