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Conflicting Feelings During The Holidays

Conflicting Feelings During The Holidays

One of the hardest things, when it comes time for the holiday season, is finding a balance between old and new, or between mourning those who aren't with you, and celebrating with those who are. Losing someone you love is never easy, and the circle of life goes on no matter what you have planned, which means that sometimes you have to live in a contradiction of feelings. This Christmas has been exactly that, for me and my family.

The first months of Payton’s life were also the last months of my father-in-law’s. The starkness of that contrast continues to weigh on our hearts, especially as we experience the holidays with her this year. While we rejoice in all of our daughter’s firsts, and enjoy every moment she shares with us, we also mourn the loss of her Nono, whom she will never know.

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