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Core Expectations

Core Expectations
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>Receive $50 off (40% off) an initial assessment with Core Expectations (regular price $125).

Core Expectations provides a complete spectrum of services to pregnant and post partum women in the Greater Toronto Area. It is their passion to heal women through all life stages, from the inside out. Their highly trained Personal Trainers, RMTs and Physio Therapists will come to you in your home.

Do your abs feel different after you had your last child?  Do they feel weak and like they are not doing their job? The mummy tummy that won’t go away. You could have Diastasis Recti – abdominal separation.  Research shows that 100% of women have some degree of separation towards the end of their pregnancy.  60% of those will need to take extra measures to restore their core back to optimal function.

Most of these women are told by doctors and other trainers to do crunches and other harmful exercises. Core expectations' trainers have been trained specifically to help you heal your core from the inside out through specific corrective exercises. Schedule your Restore Your Core Assessment to get started.

Visit for more information and purchase your packages online using your promo code to receive your discount.


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