DODJIVI Superfood Coffee

DODJIVI Superfood Coffee

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DODJIVI’S delicious premium superfood mushroom coffee blends are formulated to enhance your path to wellness. It’s everything you want from your favorite brew — with none of the negative effects.

Packed with antioxidants and rich nutrients known to help restore your body, mind, and spirit. Why should you drink a mushroom coffee blend? Functional mushrooms have been used daily around the world for centuries in ancient cultures to improve immune support, productivity, creativity, natural energy, mental clarity, focus, vitality, longevity, overall health, and wellness.

A regular cup of joe has its side effects like caffeine jitters and crash; so they combined 100% Arabica coffee with some of the most researched mushrooms such as organic reishi, chaga, lion’s mane, turkey tail, and complimentary healing good-for-you ingredients to help master your stress, revitalize your busy day and feel at your best.

Does it taste like mushrooms? No. It tastes delicious without the side effect of caffeine such as stomach-burn, and rush. Does mushroom coffee helps cut down on caffeine? Yes. It’s an incredibly low caffeine content, a perfect coffee alternative, with less caffeine than a regular coffee.

DODJIVI is a black-owned Canadian company that specializes in functional food and mushroom-based products manufactured in Canada. Their mushrooms are sourced in the USA. Their Founder Komlanvi Dodjro immigrated to Canada from Togo, West Africa, and fell in love with his spouse through his passion for dance. Dodjivi came to life as a by-product of his love for Claudine and their journey towards health together after sustaining multiple injuries, pain, lack of sleep, and health complications. Nothing was working until after 4 weeks of taking functional mushrooms, her condition improved; her sleep, inflammation, etc... they decided to share the secret with the world; why not provide this high-quality functional food to everyone and anyone in need? Dodji means "perseverance, patience" Vi" means "to start small".

Visit https://dodjivi.com for more information and order online using your promo code to receive your discount. 

*Dodjivi products are also available at our Healthy Moms Market

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