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Dr. Lisa Weeks, ND

Dr. Lisa Weeks, ND

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>Receive 10% of all orders from online naturopathic dispensary for supplements, herbs and vitamins AND receive 1 complimentary B12 Injection with an Initial naturopathic visit with Dr. Lisa Weeks.

*Discount does not apply to prescriptions or clinic services.

Dr. Lisa Weeks is a naturopathic doctor who helps moms-to-be, new moms and seasoned mamas navigate the bumpy road of unpredictable hormonal changes. These changes can interfere with their mood, energy, digestion, weight, sleep, fertility, focus and vitality. Dr. Weeks can help with simple nutrition and lifestyle changes, herbal remedies, acupuncture and bio-identical hormones.

Visit www.drlisaweeks.com for more information and show your card to receive your discount.

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EAST YORK - 98 Marlow Avenue, Toronto     (647) 667-2209