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Since 1997, Enerex has made it its mission to create a distinctive class of Nutritional Supplements, offering the highest level of efficacy without compromising on any step in the creation of their products. They recognized the need and crafted a product line to meet the demand for effective health treatments without the harmful side effects of pharmaceuticals. 

Enerex's vision has been to create products that make people feel good from the inside out. They do not compromise on ingredient quality, and always ensure high levels of potency. They are committed to sourcing the best raw materials, and choosing processes to maximize bioavailability. They deliver products in safe, secure packaging that minimizes any negative impact on the product, the environment, and our future generations.

In 2021 Luma launched, botanically crafted products for skin wellness and hair health. Super-clean, science-backed beauty. Canadian made, organic vegan ingredients & environmentally friendly packaging.

Visit https://enerex.ca for more information and order online using your promo code to receive your discount. 

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