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Full Circle is a locally focused subscription-based children’s rental clothing company.

As a social enterprise, Full Circle is focused both on sustainability–and on making sustainable consumption more accessible for all. 

As people become increasingly aware of the high cost of cheap, fast fashion—used clothing piling up in landfills, the carbon footprint of producing and shipping clothes, garment workers labouring in harsh conditions—more and more parents are turning to second-hand clothing as an alternative for their children’s wardrobes. At the same time, subscription services are gaining in popularity, as in-person retail shopping has been challenging or even less appealing for many parents.

Full Circle meets both these needs—the ability to consume more responsibly, coupled with the ease of online ordering. As a company that supports local, ethical businesses, it also allows consumers to access a number of Canadian producers they may not otherwise purchase from—particularly if they are online shoppers who enjoy the ease (and delivery price!) of a one-stop shop.

Visit www.fullcircleclothing.ca for more information and shop online using your promo code to receive your discount.

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