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Hygge (pronounced hu-guh) is a Danish word with no precise English translation, denoting a sense of cozy, warm, fun, safe -- a feeling of wholeness, in which all needs are met. The idea of hygge is what everyone growing their family needs and deserves.

Supporting hygge for young families is an age-old practice spanning cultures across the globe. This caregiver role has traditionally been filled by mothers, sisters, aunties and cousins, but in this day and age, we tend to live apart from our families, we are all busier, and we may lack the family or community that we would wish to have to nurture us, particularly immediately after birth.

The care provided by a perinatal doula can help fill this gap. Jae Steele holds a Bachelor of Health Sciences in Midwifery from Ryerson University. Jae has attended roughly 200 births, both in hospital and at home, and supported those families intensely both prenatally and in the postpartum period. She is committed to evidence-based health practices, informed choice, and has firsthand experience with an attachment approach to parenting. Jae is also a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, and is the award-winning author of two vegan whole-foods cookbooks, Get It Ripe and Ripe from Around Here.

Just had a baby, or planning ahead to that first month with your sweet new babe? New parenthood is a tender time. As a postpartum doula, Jae has both the professional and personal experience to anticipate your basic needs, and also to hear your particular requests. This in-home support can include breastfeeding/infant feeding counselling, diapering and bathing baby, fixing you a meal, light housekeeping, and wearing baby while you get some delicious sleep. If clinical care is needed, she can help you figure out where to go. Click here to learn more.

Looking to expand your repertoire of quick and wholesome meals while juggling the responsibilities of a mama? In this 4-week class, learn three simple and nourishing vegetarian recipes each week (one pot meals, one-handed eats, nothing that takes more than 15 minutes of work), while receiving nutritional guidance and culinary tips. The focus is on good food and a sense of wellbeing, nothing fancy but always delicious! Classes are held in Toronto's west end. Click here to learn more. 

Visit www.hyggemama.ca for more information and register online using your promo code to receive your discount.

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