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Kelly Maslen, Doula


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>Receive 15% off placenta encapsulation packages* from Kelly Maslen. Also receive $50 off birth doula packages and $25 off postpartum doula packages.

*Valid for new clients only. Does not include pickup/drop off fees.

Kelly Maslen provides support for new and expecting parents, offering birth and postpartum doula services as well as breastfeeding support, placenta encapsulation and birth pool rentals. Simply Healthy Family helps ease the transition for you and your newborn.

The heart of Birth Doula Care is found in the depth of support your family receives from pregnancy through postpartum, a wonderful blend of information, emotional and physical support, and resources. Simply Healthy Family will provide you with all the best most up to date information and support needed to help you transition into parenthood.

Although it may sound unfamiliar to most people, Placenta Encapsulation has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for centuries. The placenta is encapsulated just after birth, it is steamed with lemon, chili pepper and ginger then dried, ground into a powder and placed in capsules ("encapsulated"). These capsules help to balance hormones following childbirth, help increase milk production, and increase your energy level.

From the time the mother delivers the placenta, it must be handled carefully. It should not be left sitting out but should immediately be put into a sterilized food-type storage container. If a special container has not been designated it can be double-bagged in large-sized Ziplock plastic storage bags which will effectively seal it to protect it from the air. It should be refrigerated as soon as possible. The preparation of the placenta for encapsulation, should begin within the first 48 hours after birth. The placenta encapsulation service will provide between 90 and 200 supplement capsules for easy ingestion.

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