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Melanie Jacobson, ND IBCLC

Melanie Jacobson, ND IBCLC

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>Receive 1 additional week of meal planning when you book an initial naturopathic appointment with Melanie Jacobson, ND IBLC.

Melanie Jacobson ND IBCLC is a naturopathic doctor and lactation consultant who works with moms from pregnancy into their first year of motherhood. She provides education and early hands-on support to breastfeeding mothers as well as providing consistent follow-up care through her weekly baby-led breastfeeding clinics. 

Melanie also uses her naturopathic tools to assist moms with fatigue, hormonal support and feeling overwhelmed by offering nutritional and supplement advice, herbal medicine, acupuncture as well as functional testing to identify areas of concern.

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DUPONT - 789 Dupont Street, Toronto     (416) 588-7789