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>Receive $35 off your first order from NIKU Farms plus an ongoing discount of $10 off each order.

*Discounts do not apply to special promotional packages such as Thanksgiving or Christmas Turkeys.

NIKU Farms is an online platform where you can purchase ethically raised meat directly from local farms and have it delivered to your door. No antibiotics, no hormones and non-GMO. All of the meat is pasture raised and the beef is 100% Grass Fed and Finished. 

Packages are shipped directly from local farms in an insulated box with gel packs so there is no need to be home when it arrives. All of the meat will stay cold until you get home at the end of the day! Choose from Grass Fed Beef, Pastured Chicken or Pastured Pork.

Visit to place your order and use your promo code at checkout to receive your discount.

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