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>Receive $30 off initial naturopathic consultation with Dr. Melissa Lee, ND.

Melissa Lee is dedicated Naturopathic Doctor who provides Naturopathic Medical services in the Leaside area. She focuses on understanding people, illness patterns and disease which allows her and her patients to identify areas of the body that need support.

By actively listening and individualizing treatments, she helps people understand their health while addressing the root cause of a condition. With a special interest in Women’s Health and Fertility, Melissa works closely with leaders in these fields of Conceive Health and TRIO Fertility.

She welcomes all patients to her practice, and has a special interest in Family Medicine, Women’s Health, Fertility, Pain Management, Chronic Disease/Autoimmune Conditions and Digestion.

Visit or more information and show your card at your initial visit to receive your discount.

$30 off initial naturopathic consultation
Santé Health (Within Insight Naturopathic Clinic) - 550 Eglinton Avenue East, Toronto    416-322-9980