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Hello Coffee Lover! Sparkplug is all about DIY fresh, delicious coffee at home - supplying coffee lovers like you with fresh roasted, hand-blended coffees (whole bean or ground) by mail.

Sparkplug coffees are made from premium Arabica beans sourced through direct and fairly traded methods. Roasted every week in Toronto, each order is custom built to your specifications and then mailed right to your door while at its peak freshness and deliciousness. Enjoy FREE STANDARD SHIPPING with every order!

Join the Autopilot Coffee Club, their totally personalized, pay-as-you-go subscription for extra deals, exclusive gifts and the reassurance you’ll never run out of coffee again.

Dark roast, medium roast, espresso, drip… Whatever your coffee tastes, they have a coffee you’ll love. They guarantee it! Love it or your money back.

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Visit www.sparkplugcoffee.com for more information and order online using your promo code to receive your discount.

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Sparkplug coffees are directly sourced from coffee farmers across the coffee world. Sparkplug ensures that all of the beans going into a Sparkplug blend are ethically sourced and responsibly grown.

Most of the beans in Sparkplug blends are farmed organically yet only about half are from certified organic farms or coops. In some countries, landholdings are very small and it isn’t economically feasible for farmers to pay the fees for organic certifications.

Nicaragua and Rwanda are examples where coffee growers produce amazing coffees from small farms with no certifications. They farm using organic methods, pay their workers fairly, don’t employ children, and are important contributors to their local economies. They are able to command a premium for their coffees, far above the Fair Trade price, because of the exceptional quality of their coffees.

Sparkplug’s sourcing efforts extend to the coffee gear and accessories. Sparkplug’s coffee makers are low-tech, like the Aeropress, or no-tech, like the German-made porcelain pour overs and cold brew filters - just add water. These types of coffee makers have a much smaller environmental footprint than electric coffeemakers - and usually make better coffee, too.

Where possible, Sparkplug sources Canadian-designed or (better!) Canadian-made products. For example - the reusable organic cotton coffee filters - made for Sparkplug by the Regent Park Sewing Circle “threading together community members” to learn sewing skills, build a social network, gain support, and increase confidence. Another example is the beeswax food wraps, made in Ontario using local beeswax.