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A Canadian company, based in Windsor, Ontario, The Good Kiind offers LEAKPROOF stainless steel + silicone lunch box systems and other on-the-go mealtime essentials, with a mission that goes far beyond the box! Purpose Driven. Impact Focused. For the People + the Planet. A brand that embeds "DO GOOD" into its' DNA:

DO GOOD for CHILDREN around the world, in collaboration with their global giving partner, by removing the barriers preventing children from attending school. 1 lunch box = 1 MONTH of school meals provided to children living with food insecurity that has prevented them from attending school.

DO GOOD for their CUSTOMERS by providing essential, FDA-approved, food-safe, non-toxic, high-quality products that are functional and solve problems for their customers.

DO GOOD for the PEOPLE who make them by ensuring ethical manufacturing practices are adhered to and employees are paid fair living wages across our entire supply chain.

DO GOOD for the PLANET we all share by always using sustainable materials that are easily recycled and finding opportunities to utilize post-consumer, recycled materials whenever possible.

At The Good Kiind, they believe every child, near and far, should have an equal opportunity to make the world a better place. Their mission is to remove the barriers preventing nearly 70 million children, around the world, from going to school, as they believe 'education' to be a fundamental component to breaking cycles of poverty within families, leading to younger generations having the opportunity to build new found prosperity, and uplifting entire communities.

Visit https://thegoodkiind.com for more information order online using your promo code to receive your discount. 

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