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Thrive Academy addresses a common cause of learning problems so that children can thrive at school. They measure neural timing, and where deficits exist, offer a training program to resolve the issue. Children with timing problems may have a variety of diagnoses (or none at all).

As a parent, you would see some of the following challenges:

- clumsiness
- problems with speech (articulation, late talking or trouble finding the right words)
- poor impulse control
- sensory challenges
- short attention span
- poor academic performance
- slow processing speed
- poor emotional regulation
- problems with working memory
- trouble making or keeping friends
- difficulty following oral instructions
- trouble getting started on non-preferred tasks
- poor balance and coordination
- challenging behaviours
- weak fine or gross motor skills

Where timing problems exist, Thrive Academy helps children to overcome them by clapping or tapping to a beat while receiving simultaneous feedback about their performance. Families report seeing functional changes in the child's behaviour in as little as a week.

Training programs start with 45-minutes sessions, three times per week for 5 weeks. The program is non-invasive and fun. Results maintain over time unless the child has a degenerative condition. A growing number of peer-reviewed studies exist to document the results.

Visit www.ThriveAcademyToronto.ca for more information and show your card at your first session to receive your discount.

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TORONTO - 240 Manor Road E, Toronto     (647) 347-1011