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Toronto AcuBirthing

Toronto AcuBirthing

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>Receive 10% off Third Trimester treatment services and Labour Preparation treatments with Toronto AcuBirthing.

Toronto AcuBirthing is a team of Registered Acupuncturists whose aim is to ease the transition from pregnancy to motherhood. Treatments in the third trimester will focus primarily on preparing you for the experience of labour and delivery, while also treating any conditions that may be arising for you, including back pain, heartburn, constipation and hemorrhoids, stress and anxiety, edema and poor sleep.

They also offer Labour Preparation treatments as acupuncture at this stage can be useful in preparing your body for the birthing process, encouraging cervical ripening and promoting the beginning of labour. Treatments from week 38 onwards will be twice weekly until labour begins.

Visit for more information or to book an appointment at one of their two locations. Home/hospital visits are also available. Show your card at each treatment session to receive your discount.

Map Directions
YONGE & COLLEGE LOCATION - 2 Carlton Street, Suite 804, Toronto
BLOOR & SHERBORNE LOCATION - 600 Sherbourne Street, Suite 407, Toronto