Tucan Canada Holistic Food Products

Tucan Canada Holistic Food Products

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Tucan Canada provides wellness-minded people with holistic food products of clean and honest ingredients to support your gut-brain health.

Zenolive Organic Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Possesses an authenticity that is retained in its raw, peppery taste - exactly how an extra virgin olive oil should taste like. It is 100% adulterated oil, pure and untouched by other oils, and its high polyphenol content is a fighter against inflammation.

Greencious Vacuum-dried fruit chips

There is rarely a fruit snack as healthy yet still munch-friendly as Greencious. With zero sulphites, zero trans fat oils, and zero additives, it gives you a 100% crunch experience of 100% Fruit. It also educates children and adults alike with its 4D interactive label; just scan and watch it come alive!

Always clean ingredients | non-GMO | Organic when possible | Innovative AR Labels | Holistic Nutritionist approved | Canada-based Family Business.

Visit https://tucaninternational.com for more information and shop online using your promo code to receive your discount. 

*Also available for purchase from our Healthy Moms Market

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