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Tukyys Shoes offers 100% genuine leather, hand-crafted shoes for toddlers and kids with orthopedic insoles for proper foot development. The full development of a child’s balance and compensatory mechanisms takes years to develop and mature. Orthopedic shoes with arch and ankle support offer the utmost protection, comfort and better balance and grip for little feet.

Orthopedic shoes support healthy foot development and reduce stress on the body, improve posture and prevent flat-foot. The best shoes for children are made of genuine leather, as it enables feet to breath, and rubber sole for traction.

Breathable genuine leather creates an anti-bacterial environment for feet. Foot specialists also recommend that children wear light-weight shoes that allow their feet to move and develop naturally.

Visit www.tukyys.com for more information. Show your card in-store or shop online using your promo code to receive your discount.

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LEASIDE - 1669 Bayview Avenue     (647) 654-5840