15 Signs You Might Be A Crunchy Mom

15 Signs You Might Be A Crunchy Mom

We here at Healthy Moms have been watching our community grow over the years with delight. There’s such a wide range of moms who take part in our discussions, but if there’s one thing we all have in common it’s that we’re all a little bit, um…crunchy. Maybe not all equally crunchy, but if you can’t relate to at least one of these signs that you’re a crunchy mom, then we’ll kick you out of our Facebook group. Kidding. Here are 15 signs you might be a crunchy mom:

1. You seriously considered a home birth. Maybe you even had one?

2. You've discussed the merits of various types of cloth diapers, either with your partner or fellow moms.

3. Co-sleeping is a way of life, whether you chose your life to be that way or not.

4. Your child still wears their amber teething necklace.

5. The first thing you look at on a package of food is the ingredient list.

6. The first thing you look at on a baby care product is the ingredient list.

7. You made or plan to make your baby's first birthday cake from scratch, so that you can avoid processed sugar.

8. You've discussed the merits of various types of milk, both animal and nut. You’ve likely compared the tastes of various brands of those milks, too.

9. Baby wearing isn’t just a technique to calm your child; it’s a way of life.

10. Baby wearing is also an opportunity to be a fashion statement.

11. Your partner has questioned how much money you spend on baby wearing gear.

12. You believe that coconut oil is good for almost anything, and you can prove it.

13. You have experimented with making various items from scratch. Baby wipes, bug spray, moisturizer, thieves spray, you name it.

14. You’ve asked what the heck placenta encapsulation is all about.

15. “Screen time” is a bad word (yes, we know it’s two words, shush).

Being a crunchy mom is a badge of honour, if you ask me. It means you’re willing to question and research to determine what’s best for your child. Every single member of our community is a little bit crunchy, and if we can’t poke fun at ourselves, well, life would be pretty boring. Mutual respect is what keeps our community going, as well as our passion for all things healthy.

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