Sustainable Gift Giving for the Holiday Season

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As the December Holidays approach, many of us panic and start making lists of who we need to buy gifts for. Kids, significant others, teachers, grandmas, siblings, aunts, co-workers...the list just keeps on growing! Giving gifts can be very rewarding and brings joy to those around us, however, it can also be a burden on our planet. Thinking about the environmental impact our purchasing decisions make can often be overwhelming, so we wanted to make it easier for you.

Here are some ideas for how you can be more sustainable and reduce your environmental footprint this holiday season:

1. Wrap like an environmentalist: Use kraft paper, newspaper or tea towels to wrap your gifts! This goes a long way as metallic wrapping paper is not recyclable and neither are bows or ribbons. You can also purchase a nice reusable shopping bag, which serves to hold the gift but can be used afterwards many times. Alternatively, don’t wrap it at all!

2. Experience gifts: Take family and friends out for dinner, to a spa or a show. Be there with them for the experience or let them take someone else, either way you are not filling their house with items they may not want or need.

3. Create or purchase consumables: This can include food, drinks or even creams, soaps and bath bombs! There are many DIY tutorials online, even for healthy and natural versions. Consumable gifts are created, then used and hopefully are either package free or come in packages that can be reused, repurposed or recycled.

4. Reuse, repurpose and re-gift: Yes, we said it, re-gift. Just because you may not need/want it doesn’t mean it won’t be great for someone else, just make sure you re-gift with that in mind and not an “I want this out of my house” rationale. Give the kids on your list good condition used toys or clothes that other kids have grown out of instead of letting the items end up in landfills. Repurpose items to create new items that someone can get good use out of.

5. Support local businesses: Buy as many of your gifts as possible from local businesses, especially ones that use natural and eco-friendly products. Check out our listing of Healthy Moms participating businesses for some ideas.

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