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>Receive 15% off bread purchases at Whisked Gluten-Free.

* Includes half and full loaves, baguettes, rolls and bagels.

Whisked Gluten-Free is a bakery focused on offering the best Gluten-Free products made from the highest quality ingredients. Their bakery is dedicated Gluten-Free and soy free and they offer a variety of product options suitable for different diets like vegan, eggless, dairy-free, diabetic friendly, etc. All of their products such as breads and muffins were created with nutrition in mind by adding additional high protein grains and fiber and reducing sodium, refined sugars and modified starches. The best thing about Whisked is that their products taste great without compromising nutritional value and they always serve their customers with a smile!

Visit www.whiskedglutenfree.com for more information and show your card when you shop at their Scarborough bakery location to receive your discount.

15% off bread purchases
Located at - 1970 Ellesmere Road, Unit 4, Toronto    416-633-6313