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Wooly Kids is a local, family-run business selling Scandinavian organic merino wool clothing and accessories for all ages, including long johns, socks, nursing pads, bedding and more. This is a new generation of wool and it is one of the softest fibers you will ever touch.

Why Wool For Babies And Children?

Babies have a difficult time regulating their body temperature due to their skin to mass ratio. Merino wool is naturally designed to keep you cool when it is hot and warm when it is cold. Babies can quickly and easily overheat or become cold when wearing synthetic fabrics, but wool provides an even, dry warmth. Wool's ability to help babies thermoregulate makes it the perfect choice for both clothing and diapering systems. Studies have even shown that babies who wear wool and sleep on wool sleep much longer and more restfully.

A Parents Favorite Fiber

Since wool is naturally odour and dirt resistant it requires a lot less washing. Simply airing them out between wears is sufficient. Merino wool can be washed in the washing machine (always check the care label first) and it dries very quickly. For some items (breast pads, diaper covers, etc.) hand washing is recommended but incredibly easy.

Parents Can Sleep Well

Wool is well known to be naturally fire resistant and therefore will not burn. The fabric will simply extinguish the flame. This makes is a perfect fiber for nightwear and camping.

Merino Wool Is Particularly Great For Premature Babies

In a recent scientific study, weight gain in underweight newborns was 61% higher when sleeping on a wool underlay compared to a cotton sheet. Jaundiced and colicky babies were also found to be more settled when sleeping on wool.

Merino Wool Is An Amazing Fiber For Babies, Children, Adult And Pets!

Wool's incredible ability to absorb up to 35% means it acts as a perfect layer to have against your skin in all weather. In the cold, it prevents clamminess and excess moisture accumulation which can be dangerous in low temperatures. In the heat, wool provides a breathable layer between your skin and the environment providing a cool feeling even when it is hot.

Bacteria and other micro-organisms which build up on skin, clothing and bedding are naturally significantly reduced when using wool. Its natural lanolin protects wool against sweat secretions, urine, dirt build up and odour. Just wear it and air it!

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