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Created in 1932 by the pharmacists Jean and Henri Boiron, their laboratory manufactures high-quality homeopathic medicines to meet the demand of patients in search of effective and reliable therapeutic solutions. Now, Boiron is based in France and has become a world leader in homeopathic medicines.

Boiron Laboratories have set themselves the mission of contributing to a more human, respectful, and sustainable medicine. Every day, they strive to offer patients and professionals a wide range of effective, useful, and reliable health solutions, so that everyone can live their health better, in accordance with their lives.

For over 35 years in Canada, Boiron has been serving Canadian families with well-known homeopathic medicines such as Camilia, Oscillococcinum, Arnicare or Stodal. With a large range of homeopathic medicines, you can rely on Boiron for your whole family.


Because nothing is more essential than the health of children and nothing is more natural than wanting to treat them with effective solutions that respect their health. At Boiron, they have developed specific solutions for the well-being of children, designed to make life easier for parents. In sterile and drinkable unit-doses, parents will have solutions for baby colic, teething, cold, minor sleeping disorders. They also offer cough syrup suitable for age 1 and up.

Discover the range of Boiron homeopathic medicines.

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