Clarkson Medical Arts Centre

Clarkson Medical Arts Centre

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>Receive 50% off your first visit and 20% off subsequent visits at the Osteopathic Student Clinic at Clarkson Medical Arts Centre.


Clarkson Medical Arts Centre is a Mississauga based clinic offering natural health solutions including Acupuncture, Massage Therapy and Manual Osteopathy. They are happy to see the whole family; infants, children, adults and seniors.

Their Osteopathic Student Clinic is composed of students with a previous background in health, and in their final year of studies at the Southern Ontario College of Osteopathy.

At Clarkson Medical Arts Centre, their focus is on an alternative and natural approach to all aspects of health and wellness. They have practitioners specializing in many arenas of health in order to provide a holistic health experience for their clients.

Visit www.clarksonmedicalarts.com/student_clinic.html for more information and show your card to receive your discount.

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MISSISSAUGA - 1020 Johnsons Lane, Unit A6, Mississauga     (905) 855-0988