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Families can trust WaterWipes to gently clean and help protect sensitive skin. With just 2 ingredients, their wipes are made with 99.9% ultra-purified water and a drop of fruit extract to naturally cleanse the skin.

Their purified water goes through a 7-step process that makes it purer than tap, boiled or sterile medical water to provide a deeper, more effective clean. WaterWipes are unscented, hypoallergenic and gentle enough for the most sensitive premature, infant and newborn skin.

WaterWipes was created by a father, inspired by a daughter. Their founder developed WaterWipes after his newborn suffered from bad diaper rash, and he realized skin this pure needs care that’s just as pure. So he created the world’s purest wipes to help protect his child and help other parents do the same for theirs. Now families around the world trust pure and simple WaterWipes for all kinds of messes.

These plant-based and plastic-free wipes* are gentle on the planet, and they’re clinically proven to be kind on baby’s skin, giving parents the confidence to help protect their children in the purest way possible.

  • Clinically proven to clean & help protect sensitive skin. Fragrance-free Original baby wipes naturally cleanse baby’s delicate skin with just 2 ingredients: 99.9% purified water and a drop of fruit extract.
  • Ideal for premature & newborn skin: The purest skin deserves the world’s purest baby wipes. WaterWipes are gentle enough for the most sensitive premature, infant and newborn skin.
  • 100% biodegradable & plastic-free wipes: WaterWipes are compostable, plant-based and biodegradable, so they’re better for the planet. Plus, they’re hypoallergenic, unscented, and contain no artificial fragrances, parabens, sulfates or other unnecessary ingredients.
  • Trusted by dermatologists: Suitable for eczema-prone skin and allergy sufferers, WaterWipes are accepted by the National Eczema Association of America, Dermatologically Approved by the Skin Health Alliance and registered by the Vegan Society.
  • More everyday uses: WaterWipes are ideal for adults and pets, too. Reach for them to clean small messes on skin and clothes and to refresh skin in warmer weather, keep them in your gym bag or car to clean on-the-go and use them to wipe your dog’s paws after a walk outdoors.

    *The claim does not refer to the full product lifecycle nor the external plastic packing and relates to the wipes only.

Visit https://www.waterwipes.com for more information and shop online from our Healthy Moms Market using your promo code to receive your discount. 

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