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>For a limited time only, sign up for Zestyplan for FREE!

Zestyplan allows you to schedule out what you eat in a week so you can save money, reduce food waste and make climate friendly decisions about what you eat. The platform streamlines meal planning by giving you the tools to:

  • Create your meal plan for the week including any recipes, restaurants or activities you're planning
  • Build your grocery list from recipes or by adding items manually
  • Store and organize recipes - either import from url, add one in yourself or search through their database of 2.5 million recipes
  • Use AI to generate a recipe based on any ingredients you have on hand
  • Collaborate with family members on meal plans and grocery lists
  • Learn more about climate friendly eating through tips and suggestions
  • Discover climate friendly food products and services that you might not see in the grocery store

Visit https://www.zestyplan.com or download the FREE app from the app store.

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